In Order to start a board production properly, please proceed the following steps:

  • Fill the “new customer form” completely with your whole company details. This is necessary for HLC to check whether your company is legally registered or not. (HLC does not sell OEM orders to the public (see sales terms).
  • Place your graphics on our HLC templates. (see example)
  • Fill the Excel order form with your production requirements: Shape references, graphic name, amount of boards per shape ACCORDING TO THE HLC MOQ’S… (see example AND SALES TERMS) and send the whole information to jm@hlcdist.com. If your graphics files exceed 5MB, please use wetransfer.com, And make sure each graphic file has the same name as the graphic name on the order form.


As soon as HLC gets the correct information from the customer, HLC will reply with the price quote. Then after the price quote is accepted by the customer, HLC will edit the preform invoice and the previews of the graphic prints (see example). Once these documents are confirmed by the customer, and that the 50% upfront payment hits the HLC bank account; the production officially starts. When the production isfinished, HLC will contact the customer to ask for 2 nd payment in order to release the goods. The release of the goods will be ordered by our accountant as soon the whole payment of the invoice has hit the HLC bank account.


Please download from this link all the necessary files to proceed your order.